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New Release of the Secure Crossing ZenCloud product

Secure Crossing has release it’s ZenCloud OT offering!

Containers Software version 7.1 now available!

The Zenwall product line is now available for purchase with all of the same great features and new protocols for the industrial protocol filter. You can now download and purchase a license to build your own security appliance! The license is scalable to any size hardware you want to build out.

Zenwall Command Center 7.0 Updated 1 March 2020

The Zenwall Command Center 3.0 has now added an Amazon AI Cloud Plugin for advanced security!

New Version 7.0 Released 1 March 2020

The new version 5.4.5 has been release as and update package and software license ISO version.  

March 2020 Firmware Update to Version 7.0

Automotive Protocols Added to new embedded software!

Secure Crossing has now added automotive protocols and has a version that can load on ECU in car!

SCADA Protocol Deep Packet Inspection

The lack of granularity of SCADA/ICS protocols, making Deep Packet Inspection a mandatory requirement. DPI improves the security and reliability of industrial systems The urgent need for DPI that are attacking industrial control systems nowadays Secure Crossing’s DPI technology for securing the Modbus, DNP3, ICCP, C37.118, Ethernet/CIP and BACNet protocols. Our Whitelisting and combined Inline Read the Rest…

Software Version

Secure Crossing has release a software licensed version that is 64 bit and SMP enabled for multiple processors. The new software version will run on 64 bit multi-processor versions of AMD and Intel chipsets and is highly scalable.

Firmware Upgrade

Secure Crossing is pleased to announce a firmware upgrade to version 2.3.2 which include many upgrades, new inprovements and security fixes.

Secure Crossing finishes conformity test for BACnet.

One of the most overlook industrial security risk is HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning.) Everything from data centers, substations and commercial offices are controlled by BACnet, Modbus, DNP3 and several other protocols.  At Secure Crossing our inline protocol filtering appliances can stop these attacks by disallowing any bad communications on your endpoints. Traditional Read the Rest…